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"Watch Me Work" 1 Year Rental$230.00
Duration: 12 months


This is a one time purchase fee.

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90 minutes UNCUT + a free. 15 min cut + free bonus video showing you Introduction and touring the space

Chosing light and Wardrobe

Who hold the camera and when

How to direct a family of all ages

Working trough technical blocks

Creativity, improv& experimentation

How to demand your vision

- Multiple views + real-time screen recordings showing the Didi's view of the Clos app

- No professional camera necessary- make compelling portraits in any photographic genre     using nothing more than your client's iphone and a connection


not deep dive into settings

not individual mentoring  ( but  1:1 mentoring available on the website )

not highly technical, not a step by step of the clos app

Also, please reach out to me in case you already purchased a mentoring session. I will give you a discount code for the videos!!

Because Watch Me Work contains copyrighted photographic material and education-based intellectual property all purchases are non-refundable

Please don't share nor copy my videos since my family heavily depends on my work. Thank you and much love 

big hugs Didi

about the video

“This intimate behind the scenes look at Didi's remote work serves as a permission slip to any photographer: make images right where you are."


"Created to highlight the real-life process of remote shooting this video is more than a step by step instructive or a technical walk through of the Clos app. It's a raw, behind the scenes look at the creative process every photographer must wrestle and surrender to. Didi embraces the chaos of home and family life and turns it into achingly beautiful imagery inviting us to harness new tech, bring our unique visions forward regardless of our location or the hurdles within the creative experience."


"A voyeuristic look at the working reality of shooting using the Clos app. Didi’s behind the scenes video shows viewers exactly what it looks like to work with what we’ve got, embracing a new mode of connection via remote technology. Watching Didi stick to it, drawing magic out of the chaotic mess of honest family life is as invigorating as it is true."

"Prolific and clear of voice, Didi's work is richly human. Didi both sees and directs, embraces and edits. Sometimes a flash of perfect inspiration, often an awkward powering through Didi shows us how remote work, works."     AshleyThalmann, Photographer


iDdi is the master at creating jaw dropping images virtually from an iphone. Her work makes it look effortless, accidental almost. However, having shot my own virtual sessions, they are anything but effortless or accidental! Didi's training videoso beautifully displays the nuances, chaos, creative collaboration, and soul filled grit that it takes to host a virtual session. She doesn't sugar coat the raw experience; she shows you exactly what it takes to run a successful virtual shoot in all its messy glory.


If you want to experience a remote session from the perspective of a master, and learn how to properly set expectations for your clients, this video is exactly that! A behind the scenes peek at what it takes to create visual magic via a cellphone and a celebration of the fearless passion Didi pours into her work.


Highly highly recommend!

Emily Zoe,  Photographer US

Didi's unique perspective of the world captivates everyone who encounters her. She has the ability to draw others into her atmosphere in a remarkable way, capturing more than just photographs; encapsulating emotions, narratives, and atmospheres. Didi possesses a rare ability to see each person she photographs in a way that is distinctly her own. She moves beyond the surface, delving into the soul of her surroundings to capture the essence of what makes them extraordinary. 
Watching Didi in action was an unforgettable experience. Didi's artistry is not just about capturing images; it's about creating a profound connection with her sitters. Her interactions with clients, their families, and the surrounding environment are infused with magic, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness her work. I love listening to the way Didi spoke to her clients, immediately easing their nerves and worries in the warmest manner whilst demanding control and patience in the most nuanced manner. Her ability to navigate challenges whilst maintaining a constant creative flow was truly mesmerizing. Every detail, no matter how small, received meticulous attention. Didi's video offers a captivating insight into the intricacies of a remote photoshoot. For anyone curious about the process behind capturing images from a distance, her video provides an invaluable resource. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, an artist, a professional in the field, or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes of remote photography, Didi's video promises to deliver a wealth of knowledge and insight.
It is Didi’s ability to connect with her audience on a visceral level that makes her work so compelling and unforgettable.

EJ,  Photograher Australia

“The video is super exciting, entertaining and I learned a lot: about Didi's way of seeing, photographing, and especially directing her models and the "legs". You see a complete remote session from dialing in to the app to saying goodbye. You see how she looks at the light, inspects the house, chooses the clothes - all remotely. I also found it very helpful to see how she deals with unhappy children and various accidents that can happen when photographing remotely. If you want to learn to photograph remotely, this video is a great insight into the work of one of the pioneers of this style of photography.  An honest and complete look into the mind of an artist.”

Sonja Stich, Photographer Spain 

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