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Virtual Session, noun

: A full photography session where the photographer is not physically present. They conduct the session virtually, using your phone's built in camera to take your photographs.


Virtual Sessions allow Didi von Boch to work with clients all over the world, or even just around the block. It offers clients with a more intimate experience, as the feeling of a photographer on the camera, versus physically in your room, is often less invasive or dominating.

It's easy, memorable, and innovative. Are you wanting to learn more? Read below!

how it works

Imagine you're in a photo session... the way they've always been done: me, the photographer, in the same physical space as you, taking photos with my camera.

Now, replace me and my camera with your cell phone.

Poof, that's the magic!


We use an app on your phone's camera to take pictures. I, in my cozy virtual office, and you in the place of your choosing.

Photographer Before

Photographer After

All photos are taken on the phone camera, and saved in the cloud where I retrieve them for post-processing before they're delivered to you via a private gallery.

Never in my wildest dreams would have thought this possible being across the world from each other! Her remote shooting abilities are insane and I truly feel she photographed as though she was there in the room with us.

In a stunning combination of raw, gritty and hauntingly beautiful photographs she captured the true essence of us, and amazingly allowed me to see more deeply my own identity as a mother. I am so grateful for the heart in her work, the pure vision that only years of experience can provide, and her epic self that she somehow made come through my phone speaker that day in her wonderful director fashion.

Amanda East, South Africa

Didi took her time and really channeled the energy needed to make things weird and unique and creative. It didn’t feel like a regular Photoshoot. I felt as though we were making real art together instead. She took the time to breathe and feel the space I was in to make the most out of the light, the emotions, the energy.

Addie Latimer, Missouri

Didi continues to blow me away with her skill and innovation. We hired Did for a remote shoot and I was both confident and slightly skeptical about the process. The photos came out gorgeous — they easily rival all of our in-person shoots. Didi’s passion and skill shine through and the results blew my mind. With these remote shoots everyone can have access to her genius eye.

Jennifer Katz, California




Sessions last approximately 90 min to 2 hours.


The booking includes a pre-session phone call where we say hello and plan a few details. You can ask me anything at this time. 


I provide guidance. I offer art direction. I guide your phone to the best spots in your home/location. I also help you choose a wardrobe that will give your images depth and texture. This all happens on the spot in a surprisingly calm way. I stay connected to you during the call, I guide your experience.


Your high-resolution digital images are included and delivered via an online gallery.


  • Download the free CLOS app

  • iPhone 10 and up

  • Cell phone tripod *or* can of soup & hair tie

    • This is a dependable way to position the phone. We may also use hands/people, tables, etc. ​

  • Bluetooth Speaker (optional but helps a ton)

  • A sense of adventure and openness

    • Some of the most beautiful moments happen when we don't expect them.​

$650 USD

now booking for 2023

Are you interested in scheduling a virtual session for yourself, your family, or a friend? Fill out this form to email me and I will reply directly via email within 2 business days.

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