Fall 2020 Mini Sessions

20 minutes, 20 pics

This year I am offering mini shoots, but since you are the master of choosing when and where, I won't have scheduled "mini session" dates and locations. I'm letting you choose. Here are the two different mini session options I am offering:

The Window Shot Mini
The one, very close to my heart, is called “The window shot mini”. It shows your family at your home. It includes a combination of the window shot and also some family pictures outside. For me it shows exactly how the year for all of us looked like, snuggling up and very true. It’s a beautiful little shoot that shows your family sticking together and hanging in there. Wouldn’t that be the perfect picture for the holiday and maybe be the most accurate?


The Nature Mini
If you decide for an other location I can personalize this shoot and meet you somewhere else (park, nature, beach).